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"Bilingualism is an incredible gift to a child"

What is a Language Win?

Imagine the moment when your child orders confidently in a new language, words flowing effortlessly. Envision them engaging in conversation with ease and understanding. Picture their joy as they share a joke that resonates with native speakers, even those who are known for their precision. This is the magic of a language win – a testament to their efforts, boosting their confidence to proudly say, "I can speak this language," regardless of their current level.

Why is Language Link right for me?

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Choose a language to learn

Choose a course intensity that matches your language learning goals


What is Language Link?

We don't simply teach from a textbook, through our rotation of international teachers, we highlight the linguistic and cultural diversity of  different countries, focusing on the words, expressions and cultural aspects associated with it. This enriches the student’s learning experience, and builds confidence and vocabulary so that they can hold conversations with locals in any foreign country.


Robust curriculum


Learning with technology

Language Link believes learning should be fun and technology can be a powerful means to achieve that. Enriching the students’ language learning experience with the use of the latest technology tools and trends, students not only achieve their optimal learning goals, but also become gradual citizens of the world. 

Experienced and energetic teachers

Language Link carefully vets our teachers from the United States and all over the world. Most teachers have a bachelor’s and master's degree and at least two years of experience teaching. With passion, experience, and expertise, our teachers ensure a challenging, highly effective, yet fun way of learning a new language from the comfort of your home.

Online Class

Safe and secure sessions

Our secure, proprietary platform uses cutting-edge technology to make our classes effective, safe, and enjoyable. A language must be heard and spoken which is why our students love how Language Link allows plenty of room during private and/or group sessions to do just that.  

Learning Plans
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