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Meet The Team

Learning with Technology

Language Link believes that learning should be fun while technology can be a powerful means to achieve that. Our teachers enrich the students’ language learning experience with the use of the latest technology tools and trends. The child not only achieves his/her optimal learning goals but also becomes gradually a citizen of the world. 

Experienced and Energetic teachers

Language Link carefully vets teachers from the U.S. and other Latin American Countries. Most teachers have a bachelor’s degree and at least two years of experience teaching. With passion, experience, and expertise, our teachers ensure a challenging, highly effective, yet fun way of learning a new language from the comfort of your home.

Robust Curriculum

Our lessons are designed to be motivational and personal so that each learner gains confidence and a total immersive experience. With the assistance of native and professional teachers, students will not only master a new language for optimal fluency, but can also experience lots of fun and enjoyment while learning. 

Trusted by Parents

Our secure, proprietary platform uses cutting-edge technology to make our classes effective, safe, and enjoyable. A language must be heard and spoken which is why our parents love how Language Link allows plenty of room during private and/or group sessions to do just that.  

Heading 6

Meet some of the dedicated educators from our communities all around the world

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