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Language Link offers incentives to our parents for spreading the word about Language Link. We will announce the specific period and rules of the activities through this page. Please be sure to read the rules carefully. Participation in this activity means that you have read, understand, and agree to abide by all the content of the rules.

1) Referees: Language Link registered users can participate in the activity.

2) Referral: Only users who have not registered Language Link platform can be invited.

3) Activities and Rewards:

Packages per month /  Your rewards

4 class package / $15

8 class package / $40

12 class package / $80

20 class package / $160

Earn up to $160 per new referral

  • Your rewards

The friend you refer should sign up  and purchase a class package within 30 days after registration.

When your friend finishes five classes, you can get a voucher worth up to $160 which can be used when purchasing any class package!

The more friends you refer, the more vouchers you can get.


  • Your referral's rewards

1) They will each receive a free 1-on-1 online Trial Class which will be issued to their account.


  • FAQ

Q: How can I get vouchers?

Language Link parents can send a written request using our referral page.


Q: What do my friends need to do?

For you to get a voucher, your friend has to:

1) Sign up using your current student's name 

2) After signing up, they make the first purchase that qualifies for a class package  within 30 days.


Q: When will my voucher be added to my own account?

Generally, you can expect to receive your voucher shortly after your friend has purchased a class package and finish five classes.


Q: Can I see my earned voucher?

After logging into your account, click "Purchase" and then "Coupons" to see the status and validity of your available voucher.


Need to pay attention to

1) Please refer to the official website for the available class packages and the current rates. 

2) Activity rewards shall not be refunded, exchanged or cashed. It can only be used by the winning account and cannot be transferred to others.

3) All data of this activity shall be subject to Language Link system data. If you have questions, please email Language Link customer service at


code of our customer service.

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