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Grow your confidence in Spanish conversation, grammar and reading with live, online classes, professional teaches and a schedule that suits you. 

Why take Spanish with Language Link?


Spanish around the world

Learn about traditions, festivities, cuisines and other cultural aspects of international Spanish from cities worldwide.

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Learn by discovery

Through a mix of traditional and modern teaching methods, you’ll learn organically the rules and patterns of the language.

Happy Childhood

Learn how you want

Our courses provide you with complete flexibility, whether you’re choosing the time of your class or the subjects you like.

Learn to speak international Spanish

Tapas Restaurant

We don’t simply teach Spanish from Spain.

In each lesson, we highlight the linguistic and cultural diversity of a different Spanish-speaking country, focusing on the words, expressions and cultural aspects associated with it. This enriches your learning experience, and builds your confidence and vocabulary so that you can hold conversations with locals in any Spanish-speaking country.

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