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TERMS and Conditions


Welcome to, the premier service for people around the world to learn languages online. This agreement (the “Agreement”) represents the entire contract between you and Language Link, LLC (“My Language Link”) with respect to the above mentioned site(s) (the “Site”) and, if applicable, the fee-based subscription services therein. By visiting, becoming a customer, purchasing a gift subscription from, or subscribing to Language Link, you agree, without qualification, to be bound by the terms and conditions (the “Terms”) of use set out below.

  1. Acceptance of the Terms

  2. Changes to these Terms

  3. Provision of the Services

  4. Your Rights

  5. Use of the Service

  6. Intellectual Property Rights

  7. Access and Interference

  8. Privacy and Security Policy 

  9. Community forums, chats, message boards, and email conduct

  10. Fees and payments

  11. Billing Policies

  12. Subscription cancellations

  13. Video recording Policy

  14. Free Trial

  15. Credit card payments

  16. Teacher Registration

  17. Language Teacher compliance with Booking Procedures

  18. Activity Specifically not permitted includes

  19. Language Teachers Delivery of Language Training Services

  20. Indemnification

  21. Miscellaneous



1. Acceptance of the Terms

Virtual classrooms like any other classroom have limited capacity. Demand for Spanish classes is very high, and late cancellation may prevent other students from obtaining a spot in my classes.

Subscription cancellations : you may cancel your membership subscription at any time by following the procedure on “cancel subscription” section on your account billing page.

By using the information, tools, features, and functionality located on (together the “Service” or the “Services”), you agree to be bound by this Agreement and the Terms, whether you are a “Visitor” (which means that you simply browse the Language Link website) or you are a “Customer” (which means that you have registered with Language Link). The term “you” or “User” refers to a Visitor or a Customer. The term “we” refers to Language Link. The term “Material” refers to all class curricula used in our classes. If you wish to become a Customer, communicate with other Customers and/or make use of the Service, you must read this Agreement and indicate your acceptance during the registration process.

If you do not agree with all the Terms, do not use the Site.

Please review all the Terms carefully before using the Site.

By using the Site, you agree to be bound by the Terms and confirm that you are over the age of 13 and able to form legally binding contracts.

Before you continue, you should print or save a local copy of this Agreement for your records.

2. Changes to these Terms

Language Link has the right to modify this Agreement and any policies affecting or pertaining to the Site. Your continued use of the Site following notice of the Agreement modification will be considered an acceptance of the modified terms and conditions of use. Your recourse upon dissatisfaction with the modified terms of use is to cancel your subscription by following the instructions set out above. Furthermore, Language Link reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue the Site at any time.


3. Provision of the Services

In providing the Services, we do not actively monitor the display, transmission and exchange of Material that is accessible by means of the Services, nor do we maintain any obligation to do so except as otherwise determined by us or required by the laws of applicable jurisdictions. However, subject to the terms of our Privacy and Security Policy, we reserve the right to monitor the Services for purposes of determining that their usage is in compliance with these Terms and applicable laws. In addition, and as described elsewhere in these Terms, we maintain an absolute and unconditional right to review and remove Material accessible by or transmitted through the Services that, in our sole discretion, we believe is in violation of the law of these Terms or is unacceptable to us in our sole discretion.

From time to time and without prior notice to you, we may change, expand, and improve the Site and Services. We may also, at any time, cease to continue operating part or all of the Services or selectively disable certain aspects of the Services or portions of the Site. Any modification or elimination of the Services will be done in our sole and absolute discretion and without an ongoing obligation or liability to you, and your use of the Site and Services do not entitle you to the continued provision or availability of the Site and Services.


4. Your Rights

Language Link offers you a non-transferable, non-exclusive, limited right to access, use and display the content of this Site, provided that you comply with this Agreement and the Terms as set out in full. The materials of this Site are provided to you only for your private, non-commercial use. Certain services of this Site are available only to registered customers of Language Link.

By electing to purchase a subscription or register for a trial of Language Link, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out below in section 10 in the Language Link billing policy.


5. Use of the Service

Your right to access and use and the Service is personal to you and is not transferable by you to any other person or entity. You are only entitled to access and use Language Link for lawful purposes.

You are responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your Language Link account (the “Account”), username and password. You agree to notify Language Link of any unauthorized use of your Language Link Account. For the Service to function effectively, you must also keep your registration information up to date and accurate. If you do not do this, the accuracy and effectiveness of the Service to you will be affected.

In our sole and absolute discretion, we may terminate your Account, or modify, reclaim, or remove any username associated with your Account, for any reason (including for reasons related to unlawful or unauthorized usage) and we are under no obligation to retain a record of your Account or any data or information that you may have stored by means of the Account and/or the Services.

Your access and use of may be interrupted from time to time for any of several reasons, including, without limitation, the malfunction of equipment, periodic updating, maintenance, or repair of or other actions that Language Link, in its sole discretion, may elect to take. Language Link is not responsible for any loss resulting from your using any of Language Link’s services, software, materials, audio or video files, content, or communications.


6. Intellectual Property Rights

All materials of Language Link, including content, text, images, software, audio and video files, documentation, Email English, Spanish, and the Site remain at all times the sole property of Language Link or its suppliers. Such aforementioned materials are protected under international copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property laws. You may not post, distribute, sublicense, translate or reproduce in any way any copyrighted materials, trademarks, or other proprietary information without the prior express written consent of Language Link.


7. Access and Interference

You agree that you will not:

  • Use any robot, spider, scraper, deep link or other similar automated data gathering or extraction tools, program, algorithm or methodology to access, acquire, copy or monitor or any portion of, without Language Link express written consent, which may be withheld in Language Link’s sole discretion;

  • Use or attempt to use any engine, software, tool, agent, or other device or mechanism (including without limitation browsers, spiders, robots, avatars or intelligent agents) to navigate or search, other than the search engines and search agents available through the Service and other than generally available third-party web browsers (such as Microsoft Explorer);

  • Post or transmit any file which contains viruses, worms, Trojan horses or any other contaminating or destructive features, or that otherwise interfere with the proper working of or the Service;

  • Attempt to decipher, decompile, disassemble, or reverse-engineer any of the software comprising or in any way making up a part of or the Service. Please be aware that your carrier’s normal rates and fees, such as text messaging fees, will apply when accessing with your portable devices.


8. Privacy and Security Policy

Your use of our Site and any personal information or other information about you collected by through, or in connection with, the Site (other than User Generated Content) is subject to our Privacy and Security Policy.

As indicated in the Terms, we do not knowingly collect personally identifying information from anyone under the age of 13 unless we first obtain permission from that child’s parent or legal guardian.

For questions about our online privacy and security policy for children please refer to the Privacy and Security Policy.


9. Community forums, chats, message boards, and email conduct

Language Link strives to create a global community of language learners. As such, Language Link provides users with the ability to post messages, use chat rooms, and find learning resources, such as local language schools and job offers. You are solely responsible for the content of these messages as set out in this Agreement. In addition, by using these services, you agree to not publish, contribute, or post any material that:

  • Contains content that is not original or for which you have not received the prior express written consent of the originator of said material.

  • Contains objectionable language or is in any way profane, pornographic, sexually explicit, slanderous, or libelous.

  • Attempts to contact a fellow user of Language Link without explicit solicitation by that user.

  • Violates any viable rules, laws, or regulations, or infringes on any rights of any third party.

  • Contains viruses or any other code designed to interrupt, destroy, or incapacitate the functionality of any software, hardware, or telecommunications.

  • Is considered “spamming,” such as chain letters, junk mail, or other solicitations.

  • Attempts to impersonate another person or breach the security of Language Link and its users.

  • The opinions and messages posted by users at Language Link do not reflect and are not representative of the views of Language Link or its employees, affiliates, suppliers, or partners. Language Link is not responsible for the content of messages sent by users to other users they have located through Learn Cube.


10. Fees and payments

When registering as a student at, you will be required to provide personal information not limited to your preferred username and password; your email address; the language of your choice; your country of residence; your local currency, and your local time zone.

By registering an account at, you automatically confirm that you accept the terms and conditions of use. 

Certain materials and functionalities of the Site are available only through the purchase of an online language class package (the “Package”). Pursuant to this Agreement you are responsible for any charges associated with connecting to the Site. Language Link reserves the right to change the Package fees in effect or institute new fees at any time, upon reasonable notice posted on the site and emailed to current customers.

By purchasing a Package, you agree to be bound to the following terms:


11. Billing Policies

Language Link fees are exclusive of any applicable VAT or taxes, interest or installment fees charged by the credit card company, or other fees associated with connecting to the Internet.

Language Link guarantees that every credit card transaction you make at Language Link is 100% secure. If at any time you wish to check on the status of your subscription, please login and visit the “My Account” page in your Login area.

Your language course contains teacher-led classes. Group classes and private classes are delivered on a “class credit basis”, giving you access to the stated amount of group classes and private classes that your language course offers. You can always find current prices of language courses posted in the checkout pages and occasionally in other pages of our website. The exact contents of your language courses are clearly set forth and accessible at all times in the logged-in section of the Site under “My account”.

All language course fees are recurring and non-refundable after your purchase. If you do not cancel your language course before the end of the stated course time, you agree to the automatic extension of your language course for the same time and the same terms. If you do not wish to continue your language course, you have to deactivate your account in the “My Account” page in your login area or give us written (email) notice.

An exception to the prior paragraph is our 7-day money-back guarantee when stated explicitly on the checkout page. Within 7 days after the purchase of your first month’s subscription, you have the right to cancel your language course and receive your full money back, by writing a request to make use of this 7-day-money back guarantee by written (email) notice. This 7-day money-back guarantee does not apply to any trial packages or subsequent subscriptions.

In addition to the classes included in your language course, you can purchase additional classes. These classes give you the right to take more teacher-led classes. Additional classes, whether group or private, those sessions are delivered on a “class credit basis” over a period of 3 months, this means that if you haven’t used those sessions by the end of 3 months after purchasing the class package, those unused sessions are lost to you and will not be refunded.

In case of a cancellation: A scheduled lesson with a teacher must be canceled at least 48 hours before the actual appointment for the lesson. Otherwise, the arranged hour is going to be deducted from the purchased lesson package, without any further announcement or refund.

Virtual classrooms like any other classroom have limited capacity. Demand for Language classes is very high, and late cancellation may prevent other students from obtaining a spot in classes.


12. Subscription cancellations : you may cancel your membership subscription at any time by following the procedure by clicking the  “Support” tab in your student account section on your account billing page. All cancellations must be done in writing no less than 15 business days before next billing draft. 

Any action or attempt to avoid providing these fees according to the Language Link booking policy or to arrange or attempt to arrange lessons outside the Language Link platform is strictly prohibited and will result in closing the student’s account, and legal action might be taken for the recovery of the amount of money deemed owing. We reserve the right to alter or amend these fees at any time. All prices displayed publicly on are inclusive of all fees.

According to our policy, each student should have his/her own lesson package and the lessons of a package cannot be split between students. 


13. Video Recording Policy

Sessions between language tutors and students will be recorded to ensure the quality and safety of the language courses. Parents will be asked to formally agree to the recording term by clicking at the corresponding box before registering themselves and their child/children at the Language Link platform. If a registered student/parent does not agree to comply with this term, he/she is advised not to click on that box.

The video recording will remain on the Language Link website for three months. By the end of this period, the only ones who are permitted to have access to the video material are the parents and language students that are registered on the Language Link website, as well as the Language Link language tutors and administrative team. As soon as the period of three months ends, the video recordings will be permanently deleted.

No one except the aforementioned parties is permitted to have access to the video recording. No other use except for ensuring the quality of sessions and student’s safety by uploading the video recordings at the Language Link website is permitted without parents’ written permission. All registered users (both students and their parents) agree not to post, distribute, or publish the video recordings. Violation of this agreement conditions by any registered user will result in the termination of that users’ registration and will result in notifying the authorities and possibly taking legal action.


14. Free trial

Free trial packages are available only to first-time users of the website.


15. Credit card payments

After initial enrollment, if your credit card expires, is cancelled, is lost, or rendered invalid, your subscription is in danger of termination. You will be contacted and given the opportunity to change your registration data. If your credit card is not successfully recharged and you are not renewed successfully, your subscription will be terminated.


16. Teacher Registration

When registering as a language teacher you will be required to provide personal information not limited to your username, password, email address, your full name, your date of birth, native language, country and address of residence, your local time zone (if applicable) and how you were informed about You will also have to confirm that you accept the Language Link terms and conditions of use. 

The use of any information provided by you will be in accordance to the Language Link privacy policy. For the duration of your membership at the website, you agree to be bound by the Language Link terms and conditions of use.


17. Language Teachers – Compliance with Booking Procedure

By accepting these terms and conditions, all registered language teachers agree not to contact any registered Language Link language student either directly or indirectly to arrange tuition time with that student through any mechanism other than the website. All registered language tutors agree not to engage in or promote any activity to arrange lessons with a language student outside the website. An activity of this nature is specifically prohibited under our terms and conditions of service and undermines the trust, security, and legitimacy of the Language Link marketplace.


18. Activity specifically not permitted includes:

Communication via email, Skype, or other means to schedule and arrange a lesson with a language student in a way that is intended to avoid the payment of the booking fee to the website.

Failure of a registered language tutor to adhere to these terms and conditions and in particular any action whatsoever taken by a registered language teacher with the objective of privately arranging tuition time with a registered Language Link language student, avoiding to provide the booking fee to the website, may result in the termination of the cooperation between the Language Link platform and the language teacher that committed this action, as well as excluding the particular language student from his/her rights to use the website again and/or legal action against that language tutor and/or the language student and/or his/her parent might be taken.


19. Language Teachers – Delivery of Language Training Services

All registered Language Link language teachers agree to provide high-quality language training services to any registered Language Link language student in a timely fashion. We reserve the right to change the required standard at any time.


20. Indemnification

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Language Link and its affiliates, partners, suppliers, and employees from any and all liability, claims, costs, or damages arising from your use of the Site or your breach of this Agreement and any of the Terms set out herein.

21. Miscellaneous

If any portion of this Agreement is deemed unlawful, void, or unenforceable by any arbitrator or court of competent jurisdiction, this Agreement as a whole shall not be deemed unlawful, void or unenforceable, but only that portion of this Agreement that is unlawful, void or unenforceable shall be stricken from this Agreement.

You agree that if Language Link does not exercise or enforce any legal right or remedy which is contained in the Agreement (or which Language Link has the benefit of under any applicable law), this will not be taken to be a formal waiver of Language Link’s rights and that those rights or remedies will still be available to Language Link.

All covenants, agreements, representations, and warranties made in this Agreement shall survive your acceptance of this Agreement and the termination of this Agreement.

This Agreement represents the entire understanding and agreement between you and Language Link regarding the subject matter of the same and supersedes all other previous agreements.

If you have any questions about this policy statement, or about any of Language Link’s other policies and practices, please contact us on the contact details laid out on

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